Aircraft Appraisal

It takes knowledge and experience to determine the value of an aircraft in today’s changing markets. Carver Aero has the expertise necessary to meet all your aircraft appraisal needs. Our clients include aircraft buyers and sellers, lenders, law firms, insurance companies, accounting firms, government agencies, flight schools, air charter companies and airlines. Our Chief Appraiser is a Senior Certified Appraiser with the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO). Every report is written in strict conformity with the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) – the Gold Standard for appraisals in North America. From homebuilt aircraft to commercial airliners – we value everything you fly.

Anatomy of an Aircraft Appraisal

Definition: An aircraft appraisal is an impartial opinion of value prepared by an expert who knows all the factors relevant to the current behavior of the aircraft market.

The process begins with a physical examination of the aircraft. Each component of value (see illustration) is identified, verified and graded by the appraiser. Next the aircraft logbooks and records are examined for accuracy and completeness. Then all the relevant factors in the market are thoroughly researched and considered. Finally, a report is generated that is easy for the client to understand. This is the only accurate way to develop a credible opinion of value of your aircraft. Carver Aero has the experience, knowledge and expertise to appraise everything you fly. Our services are always rendered competently, objectively, and without bias.

Common Types of Value Determinations

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