Carver Fleet

Our fleet of aircraft currently includes 8 different airplanes of varying shapes and sizes to accommodate different passenger specifications, mileage requirements and time limitations. Our helpful staff are always on hand to answer specific questions that you may have about any of our private aircraft.



Citation Ultra: The Citation Ultra falls into the light jet category, and also can travel at up to 485 miles per hour. This aircraft comfortably flies above most weather systems providing a comfortable and sleek ride. 


King Air 350: Another nine-person aircraft, the King Air 350 is a turbo-prop aircraft that can reach as far as Bismarck, Little Rock and Charleston in as little as two hours.


King Air 200: Part of our popular King Air series, this aircraft travels at speeds of up to 310 miles per hour and houses eight passengers. 


King Air 90: This smallest plane in our King Air series can hold up to six passengers and has a very sensible price for businesses searching for travel efficiency and practicality. The King Air 90 tops out at 270 miles per hour.


Beech Baron 58: A multi-piston aircraft that can hold up to five people. 


 Piper Aztec: The Piper Aztec is a popular choice for air cargo and freighting, but can also have seats for up to five passengers.


Piper Arrow: Our most cost-efficient aircraft, the Piper Arrow is a single-engine piston craft with seating for up to three passengers at a time. 

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